Tricksurf Reborn

Last week somebody in the Discord asked to create a trick surfer role. There were roles for combat surf, skill surf, and bhop, but no trick surf. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create a role for a gamemode that isn’t in Fragsurf, then suddenly had the urge to create a tricksurf gamemode.

I spent the entirety of Thursday planning how I’m going to do it, then took action and began by re-creating skyworld with all the correct triggers. This is how that looks in the map editor:

Thankfully Z’s website is still up with all the tricks and trigger screenshots, because I was referencing that throughout the entire process. After two days of work I had the map ready to go and implemented the initial tricksurf gamemode with the trick detection logic, I pushed an update to Steam and awaited feedback from testers. There were definitely some bugs.

Throughout the weekend I continued to absorb feedback and push updates fixing little bugs, and finally today, after about 4 days of nonstop development and testing, we have something imperfect but totally playable. I want to thank everybody who’s been playing, testing, and providing feedback, there’s no way I could have implemented tricksurf on my own.

Steam Page

Fragsurf’s Steam page was recently launched and we have accumulated over 300 wishlists. The average time played is 2 hours and 47 minutes, 113 people have access to Fragsurf, and in the past 7 days we have averaged 23 daily active users! The Store page has received 19,468 impressions with a click-through rate of 17.76%, resulting in 3,458 visitors to the page.


Fragsurf is improving at a rapid rate, but we have a LOT of work to do still. Send your feedback, invite your friends, and spread the word.

I return to work next month (bills have to get paid!), and development will definitely slow down throughout the spring and summer and that’s just the way it is. Indie game development is a constant battle between developing, working, and paying bills. But Fragsurf is gaining traction, the support is growing, and I’m more confident than ever that things are going to work out!