Fragsurf 0.42.60

This patch removes the Vulkan renderer because it's not compatible with the new ui performance fixes. If you are using -force-vulkan, remove it otherwise the game won't launch


  • Fixed angles not being set when savelocing
  • Fixed performance issues caused by html ui
  • Fixed occasional crash caused by html ui
  • html ui went through some changes, please report any new issues that may arise
  • Possible fix for Discord & Steam getting stuck on Fragsurf
  • Added game.restore command to restore default gamemode configuration (all mv vars etc)
  • Tightened up trigger collision detection
  • Added Custom game creation tab
  • This will show all maps, including bsps in your css/csgo folders
  • Starting to fix bsp maps
  • There are still lots of issues, if you go poking around with bsps expect problems :)
  • Refactored game creation & join process, there maybe be some new issues caused by this


The editor is released to a few people, it will become public in the near future even for those who don't already own Fragsurf

  • Builder no longer requires scenes to be placed in Assets/Maps folder, save your scenes anywhere in the project
  • Builder remembers last folder you built a map to
  • FSMTeleport's MaintainAngles and ClearVelocity options are functional now
  • MaintainAngles will keep the player's current angles when teleporting, otherwise use the teleport destination's angles
  • ClearVelocity will clear the player's velocity and basevelocity when teleporting
  • Added FSMGravity
  • Added FSMTimerZone
  • This is for the Speedrun gamemode