Fragsurf 0.42.62

Game 0.42.62

  • Changed how tracker renders triggers
  • Fixed tracker turning screen white with post processing on
  • Fixed performance bug when holding a weapon and turning on tracker
  • Added Sharpen post-processing effect
  • Added Outline post-processing effect
  • All post-processing effect cvars are now prefixed with
  • Improved BSP lightmap rendering
  • Can play maps you're subscribed to in workshop
    • Still early, there's no workshop content or special UI to show this yet.

Editor v1.0.9 (the editor is still private, it will be released to the public in the future)

  • Added Workshop Publisher menu
  • Publish maps to the workshop
  • Subscribe to maps in the workshop and you can play them
  • Authors can update their maps and it will auto-update everybody who is subscribed
  • Updated to URP v8.1.0 to fix a compatibility issue