3/19/19 update

velocity gets clipped properly when being boosted (should fix surf_classicrainbowaux_fix.bsp)
entity interpolation should be a lot smoother, this should smooth up relay bots
shouldn’t have to wait 30 seconds to reconnect to server anymore
bsp ladders should load properly now
speed in timer center hud
velocity gets reset when you /r
networking library recompiled to release version, should improve performance in netcode and gc
equalized footstep sound to reduce high frequency
console getting spammed with jitter buffer error
still some jitter in replay bots/speccing, it’s hard to notice but it’s there
sometimes can’t switch who you’re spectating (might be fixed, needs testing)
sometimes you get a random boost in the air (might be fixed, needs testing)
rarely you’ll lose all speed when coming off a surf ramp or edging corners

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