4/8/19 v0.20.13 update

Removed a few significant garbage allocations
Stripped out a unnecessary low level Unity system loops
Reduced physics calculations for remote players
Don’t mount external game content every map change
Improved walking up and down steep slopes
Adjusted sliding to require a little more speed and more direct angle
Fixed bug where you could catch on wall corners
Smoothed out camera ducking animation just a cunt-hair
Implemented /stop (server top), overall points update every map change
Added Server Top button to scoreboard
Fixed bug where fastdl would timeout after 10 seconds
Fixed divided by zero bug with sync
Added “file.rebuild” to rebuild the filesystem (useful for adding new maps manually without restarting)
Added “game.physx”, physx is not needed for bhop so turn it off for performance
Fixed server-side replay bot bug

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