About Fragsurf

The idea is to create a whole game dedicated to surfing with modern and streamlined features to improve the experience. Anything is possible. We aren’t restricted to Source Engine, but we can still load any map from Source Engine. Even better, we can load maps from TF2, CS:S, CS:GO, and really any other game out there. The movement mechanics stay true to the original, so bhoppers and surfers will feel right at home.

Have a feature idea you’ve always wanted in bhop/surf? Send it in, if it’s good it’ll be added. We have a lot of ideas in the works already, here’s some of them:

For combat surfers:
Competitive matchmaking w/ MMR
Whole new arsenal of weapons
Solo queue or with a team
Replays and in-depth gameplay statistics

For speed runners:
Global leaderboards w/ public rest api
Play any map you want, whenever you want, on secure authoritative servers
RNG has been removed, no more ramp bugs, no more super-boosts, no more bs
Download and watch any replay
Race against ghosts

For mappers:
You can still use Hammer to make maps
– BSP hotloading, never restart the game while testing your map
– VMF hotloading, don’t compile your map to test new shit
– Leaks don’t matter anymore
New tools to create modern maps
– Hit play to spawn and test instantly
– Access to modern rendering features like PBR

For everybody:
Player profiles & community center
Steam workshop integration
Fleshed out client-side prediction, play without lag
Customize your look with weapon skins, shirts, boots, hats, etc.
Run your own dedicated servers, mod them to smithereens

Oh, rocket jumping, trickz, and trick surf? ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )