4/7/19 update

Discord button should lead to a valid invite link now Added “net.downloadurl” for servers, this allows client to download from a web server for faster speeds. If the web download fails it falls back to game server. Added optimizations to reduce frame stutter and garbage collection Fixed bad trigger interaction causing some maps to break … Read more4/7/19 update


Configs: steamapps/common/Fragsurf/Fragsurf_Data/StreamingAssets/Configs – any .ini file here will get executed like Source Engine’s autoexec, but it’s mostly for servers you shouldn’t put anything here until I get some bugs sorted out %AppData%/LocalLow/Crayz/Fragsurf/ – Contains some logs, crash dumps, and UserSettings.cfg which is where your settings are stored. This is human readable format and can be … Read moreKEYBINDS, COMMANDS, ETC.

*IMPORTANT READ* Update 4/5/2019

You will probably need to delete the Fragsurf_Data/StreamingAssets/Download/ directory to remove all old map files. This update has some significant changes, it’s very possible there are some new bugs. If you find any use the Bug Report menu in-game (press Escape) or send me a message.   ADDED: Added support for mounting Counter-Strike: Source. This … Read more*IMPORTANT READ* Update 4/5/2019