Development Progress Update

Crayz here. I’ve been working on Fragsurf for over a year and have spent so many 8-12 hour days chipping away at features and bugs. I really want to get this game to a playable state so you guys can enjoy it. Progress has been very good, and this blog post is just a quick update so you know what’s going on.

Movement feels good, multiplayer and dedicated servers are working, gunplay is solid. The speedrunning timer is still early in development, but it stores times and world-record replays, it’s usable. Matchmaking is what I’ve been putting a lot of work into lately, and while the foundation is implemented, it still needs improvements so that the flow of competitive gameplay makes sense. This is what I am working on now. Players should be able to hit the matchmaking button, get tossed into a match, play out the match, stats are saved & displayed, and that’s it. When this is solid and the user-experience is good, Fragsurf’s core gameplay features will be near complete.

Then it boils down to content. Maps, skins, models, and animations. That’s a whole new beast I have yet to plan out, but most likely it will require additional developers.

I know I’m suppose to be handing out keys, but being a solo developer on a project of this scale isn’t easy! I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got, please bear with me and continue to support the project, it will be worth it. Also, invite your friends to the Discord! 🙂

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