Fragsurf v0.20.17 (hotfix 0.20.18)

I found a terrible bug yesterday in the timer rank code and decided to take the server down until it was fixed. Hopefully I fixed it right. This update also has a major change to how bsp collision data is generated. In short, all world solids are now convex, giving us much cleaner physics overall.
Added cvar: quality.level 0-5
Fixed bug from previous update that caused skybox to not render
Fixed bug in ranks code causing things to execute out of order resulting in the server to brick
Fixed bug causing resolution dropdown to show the wrong selection
Fixed bug causing zones to not draw lines until map change
Hopefully fixed bug where time numbers would sometimes be really long
BSP physics data is now generated per brush and convex
Can no longer open console when chat box is enabled
Clicking as spectator no longer changes camera when tab or other menus are open
Improved logic for clamping velocity when leaving the start zone
+ many other internal changes that you probably don’t care about

v0.20.18 hotfix:
recompiled with missing shader..

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