*IMPORTANT READ* Update 4/5/2019

You will probably need to delete the Fragsurf_Data/StreamingAssets/Download/ directory to remove all old map files.
This update has some significant changes, it’s very possible there are some new bugs. If you find any use the Bug Report menu in-game (press Escape) or send me a message.
Added support for mounting Counter-Strike: Source. This means maps no longer need to be packed with content, giving smaller file sizes and making it easier to add new maps. If you don’t have CS:S installed you’re out of luck, all textures will be dev and models missing
Typing /nominate without any parameters now gives you a list of maps on the server, click one to nominate it.
Tightened up movement physics and potentially fixed bug causing you to sometimes clip through walls
Added zones for bhop_blockworld2
Fixed end zone for bhop_blackshit and removed bad times
Microjitters still remain when moving and rotating at the same time
A lot of new maps added and aren’t zoned yet

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