– any .ini file here will get executed like Source Engine’s autoexec, but it’s mostly for servers you shouldn’t put anything here until I get some bugs sorted out
– Contains some logs, crash dumps, and UserSettings.cfg which is where your settings are stored. This is human readable format and can be edited, you can also delete it to restore defaults
` opens console
cvars which alter gameplay (i.e. game.tickrate, mv.acceleration) are suppose to be locked but aren’t yet. changing these will just desync your client, reconnect to reset.
cam.fov {int} – default 75
input.bind {key} {command}
– yaw: input.bind z +input yaw {speed} OR -{speed}
– restart: input.bind z say /r
– smg: input.bind z say /give smg
MapRotation commands:
/nominate {mapname}
BhopTimer commands:
hold TAB to show the scoreboard, click once to enable cursor. There are some buttons that use these commands
– options: @{mapname} #{cpnum} {stylename}
/stop (server top, currently broken)
/give {rifle/shotgun/pistol/smg/knife}

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