Known issues + planned features

This will be updated sometimes
Planned features:
Better UI to show more timer and run data
Better UI for things like settings, bug report, exit menu, etc
Better sound effects and audio
Timer styles
HSW, SW, W Only, BW, and Prespeed, Stamina, Legit (any others?)
More maps
Inventory (visual mtx)
Player profiles (detailed statistics for each player)
Better Steam integration
Rich presence, achievements, friends, groups
More servers
Known issues:
Servers don’t show correct name or player count in steam server browser
You go back to the main menu when server changes map, sometimes it auto rejoins sometimes it doesn’t
*FIXED* Can’t rejoin servers sometimes without waiting a minute or so
Microstutters in replay bots and spectating people
Fucking with configs can break the game, need to make some things dummy proof
Center hud text doesn’t update while spectating
Can’t spectate directly after joining a game, need to /spawn first
BSP loading not yet 100%, this is a huge task
*FIXED* Unducking at the same time you land while holding jump gives you a nice little boost
Downloading content from server is very slow
Broken maps:
bhop_classicrainbowaux_fix.bsp – boosters don’t act right
*FIXED* bhop_24 – boosters not working
*FIXED* bhop_alvo – boosters not working
*FIXED* bhop_blockworld2 – ladder not working
*FIXED* bhop_cuteconcrete – steep slopes can’t be bhopped/walked

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